Gillder Frontier

Andy Silverman joins the Gillder Frontier to produce “Seclusion”


Andy Silverman is a Screenwriter/Producer who specializes in low budget features. His latest film, a horror comedy, he co-wrote and produced called “Cyst” premiered at Fright Fest October 2020 and will be released Summer of 2021. His feature “Texas Cotton” is currently on several platforms including Amazon Prime and is being distributed by Indie Rights. His award winning web series, Buckle Up has been featured at web festivals around the world from Miami to Seoul, Korea. The first season of Buckle Up is available on Amazon Prime. His short “Life Lines” won the best film at the Washington PA Film Festival in 2012. Andy has penned over a dozen original screenplays and has been a writer for hire on several more. Before becoming a screenwriter Andy invented and designed board games. He has 8 original prototypes. He competes in the ACPT (American Crossword Puzzle Tournament) and was ranked as high as 223 in the world.

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