Gillder Frontier

Gillder Frontier announces their latest film “Seclusion”

The Gillder Frontier will lens their latest film in Pennsylvania in May 2021

The Gillder Frontier has announced their latest film, “Seclusion”, will film in the Poconos and the Philadelphia suburbs. The film will be directed by Lovinder Gill based upon a script written by Ross Mihalko. The film will be produced by Gill, Andy Silverman and David Greenberg.

  • Director – Lovinder Gill
  • Writer – Ross Mihalko
  • Producers – Andy Silverman, David Greenberg, Lovinder Gill


The story centers around a young woman who finds herself to be homeless. When she learns of a mansion in the Poconos that is sitting there empty, she drives to it in hopes of finding a safe haven. The home is spectacular and she cannot believe her luck but slowly she starts to feel that something is not right. She feels like she’s being watched until she finally meets the owner of the home who demands that she leave but her car won’t start and they are in the middle of nowhere. He, reluctantly, agrees to let her stay for one night and that’s when she discovers her dream retreat is truly a nightmare.

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